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Dear Crania Games Followers,

A Way to be Dead is available now in Early Access on Steam!

Be prepared to Escape | Kill | Eat!

Game Description

A Way to be Dead is an asymmetrical multiplayer (4 vs 1) horror game. Players can take on the role of killer, the victims or even the undeads. Escape | Kill | Eat...

Steam link:​

◆ Play as undeads, victims and killer
◆ Ability to improve the character using the Skill points gained by winning sessions
◆ Environmental elements can cause the victims to raise a lot of noise. As victims, avoid them. As killer, use the relevant visual and aural notifications to track down your prey!
◆ Multiple paths to choose to move around in the maps. As victims, scatter around using the underground tunnels safely and reach key points quickly. As killer, lay in ambush around those key points.
◆ As victims try to remain stealthy. As killer, track down the aural and visual cues of noises to find your prey!
◆ Help the other victims and escape together, or turn into an undead and get left behind forever.
◆ Customize all the variables in a match. Duration until the lights are shut off, the amount of undeads, loot ratios.
◆ Completely handcrafted sections with many interconnecting paths and various themes such as sewers, open spaces, level traps and dark corners of the buildings. Additional maps are being worked on.




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